Our Focus

Deploying required number of trucks in time for transportation.

Delivering on time to consignee’s premises, in short last mile deliveries.

Delivering damage free and leakage / loss free to consignees.

Optimizing and standardizing transit times and transit routes.


Our approach is to map the entire supply chain process of the customer, follow the latest industrial concepts and implement and review the entire process as per the best global practices.

Hariom logistics initially intends to start transportation services between all major cities of India there in, selected cities are planned to have daily services along with interception at clients end for packaging related products along with on time every time Moto and in short a complete chain from packaging to the delivery on time.

To help enhance Customer Servicing Efficiency, it has planned to initiate key logistical efforts. An important initiative is to track online the movements of Trucks by equipping them with Automatic Online Vehicle Tracking Systems.